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Former California Chief Justice Ronald George commends Ray LeBov

Ray LeBov & Associates client case study and testimonial #1

Ray LeBov & Associates client case study and testimonial #2

Joint resolution in the California Legislature commending Ray LeBov

Sample reviews from seminar participants

“A thorough explanation of the legislative process as it pertains both on lobbyist side and in layman’s terms for organization members.”

“The interactive questions brought out great information.”

“Ray really makes you think. The answers to the T-F questions are not obvious.”

“Presented a lot of good solid information with references to good resources for further study. I enjoyed the interactive portion in particular (discussion is a good way for me to learn).”

“I really liked having experts come in to discuss the various subjects. Very effective.”

“The speakers provided a first-person experience on the issues and how to handle them.”

“The strongest points were Ray’s abundant knowledge and the class interaction.”

“The presenter has a mastery of the subject matter and great ability to move the presentation forward.”

“The anecdotes and insights on the culture of the Capitol were great.”

“A great overview of the legislative process and good lobbying tips.”

“The seminar materials covered everything, very comprehensive and valuable. Good discussion of real-life strategy.”

“Outstanding detail and examples as well as in-depth discussion of the legislative process.”

“Excellent handouts. Ray’s expertise and experience are a great benefit to everyone.”

“Ray did a great job. He moved quickly through the [resource] book, gave us great resources. I liked the participation part … I liked the stories.”

“The discussion of how bills become law was very well done, clear and concise. So much information was covered in such a short time.”

“Provides a solid foundation for the novice lobbyist.”

“This was the perfect seminar for lobbying.”

“Excellent job of explaining the finer points of the profession as well as the various misperceptions.”

“I now have a much better understanding of the legislative process, especially of some nuances that I wasn’t aware of.”

“Instructor highly knowledgeable, unpackaged a very complex process into digestible pieces. Great materials.”

“Expert presenter, great reference materials, balanced and fair insight into Sacramento.”

“Ray demonstrates great experience and expertise.  Brought out the nuances of the legislative process. I learned that the ‘obvious’ answer isn’t always the right one.”

“Good material, knowledgeable seminar leader, good participation from attendees.”

“Instructor is a subject matter expert with in-depth, substantive knowledge of the legislative process.”

“Lots of resources to take home. Presenter’s knowledge and experience were outstanding. Ray is a good communicator with good stories and examples.”

“Ray is an excellent speaker and extremely knowledgeable about the Capitol and its protocols.”

“I would have liked it to be longer. I didn’t want it to end.”

“The insider view, the experience of the presenter and the anecdotes were all great.”

“Ray has a masterful grasp of the process.”

“The resource manual and all its information are vital to my job.”

“I learned a lot from the real-world experiences and the breakdown of the legislative process.”

“Ray brings a wealth of experience to the discussion. The diversity of the attendees helped raise other points. Very digestible information.”

“Inside stories of real Capitol events / successes / failures.”

“Clearly articulated the talents and skills needed by lobbyists. I didn’t want it to end!”

“Getting the perspective of the 3rd house (lobbyists) was very informative for someone who works in the building.”

“Thanks to you, I have finally connected the dots.”

“I got a better understanding of the many facets and nuances of lobbying, including different goals of various lobbyists and interests.”

“Very informative — I appreciated the balance of detail in the ‘finer points’ and overarching concepts in the ‘big picture.’”

“Identified the people skills that are needed and provided documents that will be of use in the future.”

“I was impressed by the instructor’s knowledge, the depth of the presentation, the anecdotes illustrating key points, and the extensive information packet.”

“Until today I found the legislative process to be extremely confusing. Thanks so much for helping me understand.”

“Very information-intensive, informative on everything I wanted (and didn’t even know that I wanted) to know!”

“A gold mine of resources.”

“This course answered my questions on how to navigate my way through the Capitol. I appreciated the examples of how Ray dealt with real life problems.”

“I appreciated the detailed explanations of the legislative process and especially the handouts. I LOVE the Capitol Seminars book you put together — I have a feeling it will be my new ‘bible’ in the office.”

“Ray’s personal experience made everything clear.”

“Excellent materials and knowledge. Loved the way the true / false quiz was used to generate discussion. I would have liked to have been here all day to go into more depth!”

“A wealth of information that encourages further study.”

“Good, broad view of the legislative process that puts its pieces and parts into clear context.”

“Review of the legislative process, glossary / terminology, personal anecdotes and real examples: all outstanding!”

“Very comprehensive and engaging overview.”

“Ray possesses incredible knowledge of the [legislative] process.”

“The seminar was well organized and focused on critical information. The explanations were thorough.”

“Clear explanation of a complicated process. Good building-block information.”

“We learned the rules of being a lobbyist and how to be effective.”

“It was very valuable to be able to discuss the nuances of the legislative process.”

“Related practical, actual experiences and lessons learned.”

“The materials are very good. I enjoyed the use of the T-F quiz — a unique pedagogical tool.”

“An orderly explanation that clarifies some of the ambiguity and obscurity of a complicated industry.”

“Outstanding coverage of the basics and the application of strategy.”

“Very good, strong overview of important issues that affect navigating the process of passing a bill. Enjoyed personal experience of speaker. Good introduction to available resources.”

“Outstanding presentation of the ‘insider view’ of lobbying and how to be most effective at it.”

“Excellent overview of where to find more information on legislation and lobbying. Good discussion of the ethics and norms of lobbying. Good handouts and referrals to resources.”

“Great resource materials.”

“I liked that the instructor encouraged participation from all participants, even with different levels of understanding and experience.”

“High points: legislative overview, Ray’s experience, discussion of rule waivers, the resource binder.”

“Ray’s expertise, education and experience are clearly reflected in the entire course.”

“Presented everything that could be covered in a session of that length. A lot of information for me to soak in.”

“Well organized, good supporting documentation, good use of anecdotes.”

“Ray is very approachable and very knowledgeable on the subject matter.”

“The resources and the tips are important. I appreciated the ‘big picture’ overview.”

“Great coverage of budget and legislative processes. The group size gave everyone an opportunity to participate. I thoroughly enjoyed it and my ‘sponge’ absorbed a lot.”

“I appreciated the comprehensive set of materials. I anticipate referring back to them often.”

“Great general overview because of personal examples and audience participation.”

“Ray brings a wealth of experience to the discussion. The diversity of the attendees helped raise other points. Very digestible information.”

“Great firsthand anecdotes and insider perspective.”

“The personal anecdotes and tales from Ray’s experience were great.”

“Ray did a great job in explaining a lobbyist’s role in dealing with the legislature.”

“Ray’s knowledge is second to none.”

“Clearly addressed client relations strategies.”

“Excellent overview of the legislative process and the lobbyist’s role in it.”

“A massive amount of information. Covered all the bases.”

“I enjoyed hearing explanations of lobbyists’ roles, activities and strategies.”

“The information was delivered in a very clear manner. I now more fully understand my role in relation to our county’s lobbyist.”

“Explanation of the process by which a lobbyist chooses an author for a bill and the process that a bill takes through the Legislature were most helpful.”

“Great handouts on the legislative process.”

“I appreciated how open you were to speaking to attendees who had very little experience or knowledge of lobbying in an understandable way.”

“What not to do as a lobbyist that will cost relationships and votes was very helpful.”

“Provided insight into lobbying practices for dealing with clients and the Legislature.”

“Excellent on challenges lobbyists face as well as creative solutions.”

“Very good information delivered at the level of the audience.”

“The resource book was awesome, everything you need in one place. Ray’s institutional knowledge made the class great.”

“Excellent handouts, great examples and explanations.”

“Great information from personal experience and excellent examples of how things actually work ‘in the building.’”

“Ray is very knowledgeable, interesting and entertaining.”

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