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Capitol Seminars presents Ray LeBov’s introductory “Lobbying 101 / The Legislative Process” course and advanced “Lobbying 201” course throughout the year in downtown Sacramento. Scroll down for more information about these courses, or use the form to the right to sign up immediately.

For organizations interested in a cost-effective way to train a number of people all at once, we also offer Custom Seminars and Training — at your site and at your convenience.

Our seminars offer you an invaluable learning experience

Drawing on Ray LeBov’s 40 years of experience working in and around the Capitol, our seminars offer you the fastest, most cost-effective way to learn the practical, real-world applications of governmental advocacy in California. (Read what previous participants have had to say on our Testimonials page.)

1. You’ll learn from people who’ve actually been there (and still are). Our instructors are veterans of both state government and governmental advocacy. You’ll find their personal anecdotes and insights invaluable in learning about the process of advocacy, the pitfalls to avoid, and the people skills and best practices you need to be successful.

2. You’ll also learn from and network with your peers. We encourage interactivity in our seminars, and provide ample opportunities for questions and discussion. You might learn as much from your colleagues around the table as you do from the instructors and our extensive curriculum materials.

3. You’ll get the complete picture of governmental advocacy. Legislative advocacy is only part of the picture. An effective advocate also needs to be familiar with budget and regulatory processes and build relationships with key managers and staff in these areas as well as in the Legislature and the Governor’s Office of Legislative Affairs.

Lobbying 101 / The Legislative Process (introductory course)

This course thoroughly explores the step-by-step fundamentals of the legislative process in California and provides key insights into how the process “really works.” Seminar attendees receive comprehensive resource materials and participate in interactive exercises.

From textbook analysis to real-world stories from the trenches, you’ll learn the basics and best practices of effective advocacy. These include the qualities of an effective legislative advocate; the rules of effective advocacy; the language, culture and mores of the California legislature; the do’s and don’ts of testifying; how to find the right author for a bill; client relations; and much more.

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Lobbying 201: The Bigger Picture (advanced course)

The advanced course is for graduates of “Lobbying 101” or professionals with a significant amount of lobbying experience. Prior attendance at “Lobbying 101” is recommended but it is not a prerequisite for taking “Lobbying 201.”

The advanced course builds on principles taught in the introductory class and provides an interactive overview of the evolving world of governmental advocacy, presented by subject matter experts in these critical (but often overlooked) practice areas: Lobbying the Administration; Budget Advocacy; Regulatory Agency Advocacy; and Media Strategies.

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Our seminars provide value to all government and public affairs professionals

Since 2006, Capitol Seminars has helped more than 1500 government and public affairs professionals become better-informed about the legislative process and the real-world, practical applications of lobbying in California.

In addition to novice and veteran lobbyists and their support staff, our seminars are valuable to anyone else involved in governmental advocacy or interested in learning how the Legislative and Executive branches of California state government work.

For example: Lobbyist Employers; Corporate Executives; Professional, Trade and Nonprofit Association Executives and Board Members; City and County Managers and Staff; Public Agency Managers and Staff; Legislators and Legislative Staff; Officers and Legislative Committees; Public Interest Activists; Law Firms; Public Affairs Firms; and Teachers of Political Science, Public Administration or Public Policy.

Some organizations send all new staff to us for training. For more information about the value of our seminars, please visit our Testimonials page.

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