Lobbying 101: The Legislative Process & Legislative Advocacy

In this introductory course, Capitol Seminars founder Ray LeBov draws on his 41 years of experience in working with the California Legislature and regulatory agencies to guide you through the legislative process — both the “civics book” version and the real-world version, with all its twists and turns. In the second half of the seminar, he uses an interactive exercise to introduce you to the basics and best practices of effective advocacy in all areas of practice.

The Legislative Process:

  • FPPC registration and disclosure requirements
  • Lobbying ethics
  • “How a bill becomes a law” / basics of the legislative process (including the “civics book” version as well as additional insights regarding exceptions that illustrate how the process “really works”)
  • The critical importance of the legislative calendar
  • Key legislative publications, documents and materials: What they contain, which ones are the most important and how to use them
  • Overview of Budget Advocacy (covered in depth in Lobbying 201)
  • Legislative rules, exceptions and waivers
  • How to read a bill
  • Legislative committees: Their role, how they function and how to work with them
(including the respective roles of committee and minority staff)
  • Do’s and don’ts of testifying; how to write an effective letter
  • Legislative Counsel Bureau and how to access it

Effective Advocacy: Strategies and Best Practices:

  • Rules for effective advocacy
  • Attributes of a successful lobbyist
  • Advice from senior legislative staff
  • How to choose the right author for your 
sponsored bill
  • The most common mistakes lobbyists make
  • The lobbyist / client relationship and respective roles 
in the capitol and the district
  • Lobbying by nonprofits

Interactive participation is encouraged, and you’ll take home comprehensive, valuable resource materials that reinforce the course content.
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Lobbying 201: Completing the Picture – four essential skills

This seminar takes you beyond legislative advocacy to show you the complete spectrum of governmental advocacy, exploring four critical areas of practice often overlooked even by experienced lobbyists.

Ray LeBov and his guest subject matter experts provide real-world perspectives on the players, processes and best practices in Budget Advocacy, Regulatory Agency Advocacy, Media Strategies, and Lobbying the Administration.

Budget Advocacy: It’s just as important to track the progress of the budget, and offer input as appropriate, as it is to participate in the legislative process of individual bills. You need a seat at the table when budget issues are deliberated, and you need to know how to lobby effectively on those issues.

Lobbying the Administration: Long before a bill reaches the governor’s desk, you want to get a reading on how he’s going to view it, whether he’s likely to sign it, and what you need to do to influence that decision.

Regulatory Agency Advocacy: Winning or losing in the Legislature is not necessarily the end of the story. You often have another opportunity at the regulatory agency stage, either to defend your legislative victory or to obtain a more favorable result instead of an outright defeat.

Media Strategies: Media support for your bill can be critical, especially if the odds are against you. Even if you’re not directly responsible for media relations, you still need to know how to direct and coordinate this activity.

Prior attendance at Lobbying 101 is recommended but not required for taking Lobbying 201.
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