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Thank you for visiting our site. Our mission is to be your number one resource in the field of governmental advocacy. That could include training (we offer both public and custom seminars), consulting, private coaching, and advocacy, all of which are described in more detail elsewhere on our site.

Governmental advocacy is a challenging profession. It requires hard work, a considerable investment of time, great patience, timing, resilience, and a good sense of humor. Knowledge of the players, the processes, and the principles and best practices is critical, but your success will depend in equal measure on your ability to build relationships and serve as a trusted and valuable resource to the people you do business with.

If you’re not already among our distinguished “alumni,” we hope to see you soon at one of our seminars. If you’ve already taken our courses, please refer your friends and colleagues. We continue to grow because the word has spread that we deliver the goods — in a fast, comprehensive, cost-effective manner you won’t find anywhere else.

We invite you to contact us to explore the various ways we can help you. And we welcome your questions and comments about this website or the profession of governmental advocacy in general. Thank you!

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Our “Lobbying 101: The Legislative Process & Legislative Advocacy” and “Lobbying 201: Completing the Picture” seminars offer you the fastest, most cost-effective and comprehensive way to learn the processes, principles and best practices of governmental advocacy across all key areas: Legislative, Budget, Regulatory, Lobbying the Administration, and Media Strategies. See the Testimonials from our previous seminar participants.

We encourage you to book now for our next seminars, Thursday-Friday, June 29-30, at Sutter Square Galleria, 2901 K Street. (Our December and February dates were sold out.) For seminar curricula and online registration, please click here. Our seminars include food and beverage service, valuable resource materials, great opportunities for networking, and inexpensive validated parking on-site. And once you’ve registered, your credit remains in force if we change the date or you need to reschedule.

If the June dates don’t work for you, please click here to be notified personally about future seminar dates.

Our Custom Seminars and Training offer organizations a fast, cost-effective way to train key managers and staff, board members, or your entire membership all at once — at your site, at your convenience, and within your budget. We structure the course content, schedule and class sizes to meet your specific learning objectives. These training sessions can include workshops that help you address particular legislative, budgetary or regulatory issues and create strategies for more effective lobbying on those issues that you can put to work immediately.

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Please visit our Consulting and Advocacy pages to learn more about our offerings in those areas. Our long experience, understanding of the Capitol, and insights into various processes can help augment your efforts on practically any initiative. When you find yourself stymied as to what to do next, or you have multiple projects demanding your attention as deadlines approach, help is just an email or a phone call away.